Serbia:GazpromNeft smart investment, raw gas goes to electricity and heat

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In the hub filling station “Kikinda Gornja”, the final phase of congregational plant. This is a program of efficient use of gas resources is in progress. GazpromNeft Oil industry in Serbia (NIS) will no longer flare burn waste or raw gas, but will convert it into electricity and heat.

– During oil exploitation stands out raw gas which does not have the quality required to enter the distribution system – explained Predrag Zivanovic, manager in charge of technical expertise. – In order to utilize this gas, we started with the construction of mini power plants of this type. Internal combustion engine that is connected to the generator runs in them by using that gas, and it produces an electrical output of 1 MW.

The total electricity produced by NIS at their mini-power plants from the captured gas, will be delivered to EPS. Possibilities of using this energy are very high for both NIS and the local community. These plants contribute to the stability of the power system and can serve as an alternative source of energy for consumers, in case of interrupted power supply from the main source. In addition to electricity, this plant produces little more than one megawatt of heat energy too, which can be used in agriculture for heating greenhouses and irrigation systems, or otherwise. Two megawatts could provide heat for four to five acres.

At this time in Serbia nine power plants are being built in seven locations, and will significantly contribute to the stability of the electricity system. The project value is about a million and a half euros, and profitability is expected in five years. In the area of the municipality of Kikinda NIS currently has nearly 120 boreholes, of which are not all in the exploitation, so there is a possibility to build two more such plants. By the end of 2014. NIS plans to use up to 90 percent of the volume of the gas, or about 90 million cubic meters per year.

Source; Serbia Energy/NIS

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