Serbian reps inform EC about reform progress

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A two-day meeting of the Enhanced Permanent Dialogue (EPD) between the Serbian government and the European Commission (EC) ended in Belgrade Friday.

The EC and Serbian government representatives discussed the sectors of transport, energy, environment and regional development.

Representatives of Serbia’s institutions informed EC experts about progress in reforms in the field of transport infrastructure, primarily about the implementation of the Action Plan for Corridor 10 road and railway infrastructure and the realization of plans regarding the South East Europe Core Regional Transport Network.

The meeting also touched on transport policies – on harmonization of legislation with the EU acquis in the field of road, railway and inter-modal transport, a Serbian government’s EU Integration Office’s release said.

A part of the meeting was devoted to the implementation of the Agreement on the establishment of the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA) and adoption of the Single European Sky legislation.

Experts from the Serbian Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Minstry and other institutions presented Serbia’s energy strategy and informed the guests about reforms put in place in line with Serbia’s obligations under the Treaty establishing the Energy Community.

Also discussed were local markets of oil, gas, and electrical energy and infrastructure projects in this area.

The European Commission was also informed on the progress made in establishing a system for the decentralized management of the money arriving in Serbia from the EU through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

Another part of the meeting was devoted to the development of policies and legislation concerning climate change.

When it comes to environment protection, the topic was harmonization of legislation with the EU acquis in the areas of air quality, waste management, water quality, protection of nature and industrial pollution.

Besides legislation harmonization, the financial plans, i.e. strategic planning for investment in all the fields considered, from both national funds and the IPA pre-accession funds, were also discussed.

Source B92