Slovenia: Chain of ten hydro power plants on the Sava River to be built until 2030

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The initial plan was to build ten hydroelectric power plants (HPP) on the middle Sava until 2025 but it is realistic to expect delays up to 2030. This year would be captured if the concession contract for the construction of HPPs on the Sava River signed in the first half of this year and the construction of the first three HPPs will begin in 2015 – Suhadol, Trbovlje and Renke- it is estimated in Slovenian Power Holding (HSE).

They waited for a very long time to sign the concession contract in 2005, by the decision of the officially appointed dealer for the mentioned project. Although, this project is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, which is responsible for Energy, the signed concession agreement is still lacking. Until the concession contract is signed, national spatial plan cannot be terminated, what is a precondition for the start of construction. The documentation required for hydroelectric facilities locating procedures should  strictly respect all deadlines.

If all of ten HPPs on the Sava River are completed in 2030, Slovenia will be by five percentage points higher than the European Union’s requirement. At least one-fifth of its energy will be produced from renewable sources. It will be difficult to deal with this requirement at the end of January without this project, Igor Salamun, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and space, pointed.

More than 400 million EUR provided for the first three HPPs

Value of the first three HPPs on the Sava River, is estimated to 365 million EUR. This sum is not included with the cost of financing and value-added tax. Investors for HPPs Suhadol, Trbovlje Renke are waiting for investments in the energy and infrastructure part, unlike power plants’ construction on the lower Sava. This means that Slovenian Railways and Roads Directorate (RDRS) would not work without the participation of local communities.

And 900 million EUR for all ten HPPs

Total investments in ten power plants in the middle Sava River are estimated to 1.3 billion EUR, but they have dropped to 900 million EUR. The new estimation of the entire project has given in the Association for consulting engineering in early February, when the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce prepared a set of potential investment projects. According to Vekoslava Korošec, President of the Association, the project would open 13,500 jobs in construction, manufacture of metal products, engineering services, business and tourism. Value added tax in the construction is estimated to 160 million EUR.

He adds that other possibilities for reform should be examined, and rehabilitation especially gradual in order to find the most economical solution. The estimated value of the gradual renewal of the block, which would have extended life span of only 20 years, is about 57.8 million EUR, Blaznek added. Renewal boiler’s pressure will be launched when the owners decide for one of the renewal versions. TET Holding is, according to AJPES, the largest owner of Slovenian power in 81.4 percent.
The construction of gas-fired power plants, the steam and then upgrading work

Implemented gas-steam power plant (EPP) is slower project, although it is TET as an applicant on the basis of the Government’s decisions issued an authorization to do what was in his power with the PPE 290 megawatts of power, Franc Blaznek claims. They prepared all of the investment and background documentation required for the spatial planning.

“We found that the project can be more flexible already in the process of planning, and the competent ministry gained supplemented permission which allows us to build a facility in several phases. As natural gas is, as a primary energy source, relatively expensive and so uncompetitive electricity production price, therefore CCGT technology decided to provide ancillary services to the Slovenian power system. Steam works and the transition band operation could be carried out relatively quickly thereafter, “explains Blaznek.

He adds that investments in PPE are estimated to 150 million EUR in the investment plan, but it would have already been built for 120 million at current market prices- says Blaznek. The PPE that does not burden the environment, can employ 30 to 35 people. Such gas-steam power plant provides a rapid response from reserve capacity and electricity production from renewable sources unbalanced or interrupted. The market is suitable for cogeneration of electricity and heat, because of achieving high efficiency.

Source;Serbia Energy See desk