Managing board of Serbian power utility EPS; Solid production results and evaluation of energy balances, april board meeting

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Electricity production in power gen facilities of Serbian power utility EPS during March was higher than it had been planned but not because of bad plan but because of changes in the TPPs’ overhaul plan, as well as because of better hydrological situations and much bigger production in circulating plants- Miladin Basaric, Deputy Director of EPS’s direction for electricity trade, on last session of Managing Board PC EPS.

Session lead by Dr Aca Markovic, President of Managing Board of EPS was visited by Dejan Trifunovic, Deputy Minister of Energy, Development and Environment and Zivotije Jovanovic, Deputy Managing Director of EPS. Basaric presented data for energy and coal production, reservoirs in accumulations and landfills in the first quarter of the year which are good electricity indicators for April.

-HPPs “Djerdap 1” and “Djerdap 2” are forced to decrease fall and automatic power of aggregates because of big inflows on Danube of even 11.500 cubic of water per second. This trend can be expected in the next month because water level increases despite decline of Sava, Drina and Morava- Basaric explained.

Zoran Bozovic, Director of EPS’s Direction for electricity production presented most important overhauls with an explanation that capital overhauls of TENT B2,“Kolubara A5”, TPP “Kostolac A1” and TPP “Morava” are given up because difficult financial situation.

-It is very important for overhauls in TENT A6 AND TENT B2 to be finished on time because these are important blocks for electricity production. It is necessary to direct limited coal amounts to efficient blocks like A6 and B2- Bozovic said.

Members of EPS’s Managing Board were met with the flow of A4 aggregate revitalization in HPP “Djerdap” and A4 in HPP “Bajina Basta” by the Director for energy production. Dejan Vasic, Director of EPS’s Direction for electricity distribution presented an analysis of realization plan for sustaining electricity distribution objects in the company for distribution during the first quarter and he stressed that there was no bigger dropouts in distribution sector during the first three months. He indicated that it is important to invest more money in sustaining and investments in distribution in the case that financial occasions are improved.

Directors of Directions for Production and Distribution of Electricity presented a report about sustaining in 2012 while Zeljko Lazovic, Deputy Director for Strategy and Investments presented to members of Managing Board investments in thermal and mining sector from 2008 to 2013. He indicated that it is noticed that much more assets is planned than realized so that it is necessary to harmonize plans and achievements in future.

-About 2 billion EUR is invested in these sectors during this period- Lazovic explained. –However, rebalance was continued up to 2013 because it was much more invested in thermal sector until 2008.

Managing Board members adopted a decision for registration of 15 substations on Serbia’s territory where the distribution company will have rights to use. EPS’s Managing Board decided that HQ of new RES company “EPS obnovljivi izvori” (EPS renewable sources) to be in Belgrade.

Source;Serbia Energy/EPS