Slovenia established Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy

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The Slovenian Government led by Prime Minister Robert Golob did the reform of the Ministries and established the new Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy, led by former Minister of Infrastructure Bojan Kumer.

Minister Kumer announced that one of the key challenges will be the transformation of energy use in transport, which is why a new law for alternative fuel infrastructure is already being prepared. It will be necessary to speed up the use of renewable energy sources and thereby ensure Slovenian independence and sovereignty in the field of energy, with an emphasis on accessibility and competitiveness.

It is planned to revise the environmental energy legislation in the direction of an ambitious green transition and seek appropriate strategic decisions for decarbonization.

The Slovenian National Energy Plan will also be changed. According to him, the public debate will be prepared already in the spring, and the document will be adopted by the Government in June 2024. The challenge will be the abandonment of coal use and responsible and transparent decision making on the long-term use of nuclear energy.

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