Slovenia: HSE power utility quits deal with Alstom on TPP Sostanj2 project

, SEE Energy News

Holding of Slovenian power plants (HSE) will propose to Alstom, with which the state has for a long time dispute, the inaction in all previously agreed business of construction of Block 6 in TPP Sostanj, until they resolve all their differences, said General Manager of HSE Blaz Koroski.

Alstom is interested when it will charge debt of 30 MEUR from HSE, and HSE in turn announces negotiations with banks on the manner and conditions of the loan repayment.

HSE has difficulties with liquidity because the production cost is very high. This is a project whose value rose to 1.45 billion euros since 2008. And Slovenians believe that the contract annexes favored to Alstom and therefore the price of the contracted equipment is continuously growing.

The final value of the controversial project is not known. The whole case has already been active for a long time and also the police on suspicion of corruption.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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