Slovenia, NPP Krsko operates at full capacity despite low water level

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian nuclear power plant Krsko said that it operates at full capacity despite high air temperatures and low water level of the Sava river.

The statement from the plant said that its cooling towers operate at full capacity, but the plant’s efficiency is a little lower, adding that it coordinates the water regime with the upstream hydropower plants. Therefore, the output of NPP Krsko is about 1.5 % lower than usual for this time of the year.

NPP Krsko uses the water from the Sava for cooling or extraction of heat which cannot be used for electricity generation but is needed to cool the condenser, after which water is returned to the river. Due to the possible water warming in the Sava river, there are administrative restrictions as to how much the water temperature is allowed to rise and how much water can be used.

In extremely adverse weather conditions, compliance with these restrictions requires a reduction in the power plant’s output. However, in order to reduce the plant’s dependence on the river, cooling tower system was modernized and expanded in 2008.

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