Slovenia, Petrol expects Government to reimburse lost profits due to price caps

, SEE Energy News

Petrol, Slovenia’s largest fuel retailer, has filed a lawsuit against the Slovenian state for damaged caused by the Government’s regulation of fuel prices.

According to the company’s quarterly financial report, due to economic damage and lost profits due to restrictions on motor fuel prices for the period between 15 March and 30 April, the company filed a claim for damages in the amount of 51.3 million euros. The part of damages related to the period from January to March amounts to 18.4 million euros.

Slovenian Government introduced fuel price caps on 15 March, which lasted until the end of April, after which prices were capped again on 11 May. The current measure is valid for three months, namely until 10 August.

After the introduction of fuel price caps, a liter of diesel cost 1.54 euros, and gasoline 1.5 euros. In late March, the Government also limited wholesale gasoline prices as independent petrol stations reported unsustainable prices.

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