Slovenia: Sostanj plant former management ties with RWE under investigation

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Interim Director of TPP Sostanj Franc Rosec not filed any charges against the former GM Thoth due to his advisory agreement with the German company RWE, either as a private or as a director of TES, it was stated in the plant. The charges information pop up in slovenian daily Dnevnik.

The company called to verify past performance and identify anomalies, but on the subject failed to invest charges. Against Thoth, although so far the company filed two criminal complaints.

Tot got to sign a new contract

The TES also deny that Rosec Thoth cancel an employment contract. “The former director was due to the introduction of a new systematization of contract and cut him to sign a new offer, which must be signed within 15 days,” he says. Thoth, in the meantime continue to receive his salary as consultant director.

Source; Dnevnik