Slovenia, The largest volume on the balance market for hourly products – 29 GWh in 2022.

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On the Slovenian balanced electricity market, which has been in operation since October 2012, 1,605 transactions were concluded last year, for a total amount of 33,263.75 MWh, the country’s electricity market operator Borzen announced.

The largest number of deals – 1,094, was concluded for hourly products, in the total amount of 29,182 MWh. In the same period, 511 transactions were concluded for 15-minute products in the total amount of 4,081.75 MWh, according to the announcement of Borzen.

The majority, i.e. as much as 99.4 percent of all transactions on the balance market were concluded in the so-called “balance market” phase, which begins one hour before delivery and lasts until just before delivery, with this percentage in 2020 being 98.3 and in In 2021, 98.6 percent of the total volume of concluded deals.

Last year, compared to 2021, the amount of concluded deals decreased by 23 percent, and the number of concluded contracts by slightly less than 18 percent.

The highest price for the purchase of balance energy in 2022 was 850 euros per MWh, and the lowest price for the sale of balance energy was -10 euros per MWh, adds Borzen.

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