Slovenia, Unit 6 of TPP Sostanj is back online, Velenje Mine imports Indonesian coal

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The operator of the Slovenian coal-fired thermal power plant Sostanj TEŠ, the state company Holding Slovenske elektrarne (HSE), has reconnected block 6 with a capacity of 600 MW to the grid, after a temporary stop that lasted almost two months with the aim of saving fuel, according to the announcement.

The restart of unit 6 of the Sostanj TPP, which has been stopped since October 14 due to a lack of coal, will certainly contribute to solving the HSE’s liquidity problem, added the statement of the power plant operator published on Monday.

The block was temporarily disconnected from the grid due to the smaller quantities of coal produced in the Velenjski Mine. The decline in production was caused by geomechanical problems and coal phase-out measures introduced by the government.

The HSE originally planned to start the block on November 2, but later said the shutdown would last longer. Meanwhile, the Velenje Coal Mine concluded two contracts with the Swiss company Petraco, worth 42.5 million euros and 7.9 million euros, respectively, for the import of Indonesian coal to compensate for reduced domestic coal production.

In October, net electricity production in Slovenia fell by 54% year-on-year, to 530 GWh, as the production of thermal power plants in the country decreased by 53%, while the Krško Nuclear Power Plant was closed for regular overhaul.