The production of electricity in Republika Srpska less than planned for 5 percent

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Total production of electricity in the Republic Srpska in 2012 will be slightly smaller than last year and five percent smaller than planned – said General Director of “Electric Power Industry of RS” Branislava Milekić. Milekić specified that hydro power plants achieved only 79 percent of planned production, while thermal power plants have surpassed the plan for seven percent.

“The reduction production in hydro power plants, and a higher percentage of electricity produced by thermal power plants in the total production, and given the fact that the production of thermal power is more expensive, will certainly affect the performance of the Electric Power Industry of RS. However, we will keep the trend of successful business and we will achieve a positive result this year too” said Milekić for “Nezavisne novine”.

She said that the priority of “Electric Power Industry” and the RS Government is not a large profit but quality and safe supply of all customers in Srpska at reasonable prices, and that task will be fulfilled by Electric Power Industry this year too.

Milekic said that “Electric Power Industry of the Republic Srpska” alongside the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, has the lowest cost of electricity in the region.

She stated that in Srpska an average price for a customer from the category “industry” is 9.18 cents per kilowatt-hour, which makes it the lowest for this category of consumers in the region, while almost at the same level as in Serbia.

Milekić, who was chosen the businessman of the year by “Nezavisne novine” concluded that last year the “Electric Power Industry of RS”, in spite of extremely bad weather conditions, managed to regularly supply electricity to all its customers, and launched several capital projects to build new power plants, thereby creating the conditions for economic growth of Srpska.

She added that the company is currently implementing several major projects aimed at protecting the environment, in order to create conditions for effective production of electricity using wind power, the “Electric Power Industry” with the help of RS government and the Ministry, is performing research activities in the field and measuring the wind potential.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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