The number of permits for investors in the energy sector to be reduced, says Serbian Energy Minister Mihajlovic

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Minister of Energy, Development and Environment of the Republic of Serbia, Zorana Mihajlovic presented the Plan of priority projects in the field of energy and environmental protection and invited interested investors to invest in these projects.

At the Serbian Army House Mihajlovic said that it was estimated that the value of investments in these projects, which were listed in one place for the first time, is from 7 to 12 billion Euros, and added that through the realization of these jobs, tens of thousands of work places could open.

She pointed out that the economic growth in Serbia could look more optimistic if you go into realization of all investments, and repeated that all interested investors should contact the relevant ministry regarding all the problems they are facing.

According to her, the Ministry will reduce the number of permits for investors in the energy and environmental protection sectors, instead of the current 27 in future they will need only five of those documents.

Head of EU Delegation to Serbia Vincent Deger said that energy sector has great potential for the development of Serbia, but also said that not enough progress has been made in that sector.

Deger announced support to Serbia’s efforts to meet the goals, and recalled that the Union has so far invested more than 500 million Euros in the energy sector of this country.

Investors need interesting projects in this area with the ultimate goal of establishing a sustainable energy sector and a stable energy supply. It is necessary to liberalize the market and make tariffs that reflect the cost of production in order to encourage the improvement of the energy sector and new investments, said Deger.

He recalled that the EU imports half of its energy and it is in this sense dependent, and repeated that energy development can spur economic growth and job creation. This sector brings in 25 percent of EU gross domestic product and employs 3.5 million people.

The presentation of the priority projects in the energy and environment was attended by the Minister of Regional Development and Local Government Verica Kalanovic, Managing Director of the Oil Industry of Serbia (NIS) Kiril Kravchenko and President of the Foreign Investors Council in Serbia Kostin Bork.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine