TPP Pljevlja Montenegro exceeded the 2012 annual plan of production

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Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja continued to work at full speed, it was said at Directory Management. Director of TE Pljevlja Luka Jovanovic said that is the only Thermal Power Plant which works on thermal motion in Montenegro and had accomplished annual production plan.

-We have fulfilled the plan during last week and annual plan we exceeded for 14 400 megawatt hours of electricity, and after successfully finished work of so called “winter preps” facility keeps working, and we expect work stability during winter season, said Jovanovic.

He pointed that extremely low temperatures made huge problems in working of Thermal Power Plant during last week. “In such situations Thermal Power Plant usually has problems inside the bunker, on the coal transport. It is external plant which is first influenced by low temperatures. If coal is low quality and with a lot of moisture, then it will come to coal frost and sticking on the bunker walls and grinding mills.

Because of that, with mine contracts it was agreed to transport of better quality coal, which has been respected so possible problems during winter season decreased to minimum, stressed Jovanovic.

Thermo Power Plant Pljevlja is the biggest producer of electricity in Montenegro and it produces about 25% of all state electricity needs. TE Pljevlja was celebrating 30th anniversary this year.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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