Transmission line from Leskovac to Macedonia Finished- 33 million Euros invested and contracted by Spanish Inabensa

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“Elektromereza Srbije” (EMS) will put into work 400kw transmission line from Leskovac to Macedonia border, the company announced.

The 100km long section is build within second phase of Nis Transmission- Leskovac- Macedonian border and 33, 5 million Euros were invested.

Transmisssion line from Leskovac to Macedonian border with 307 new piles will be put into so called “lost motion”, because transmission line route isn’t finished yet.

Reactive energy necessary for electricity system is being ensured by putting transmission line into “lost motion”.

Putting into voltage of Leskovac-Macedonian border transmission line will improve voltage possibilities in that part of land-was said in statement.

Transmission line Leskovac- Macedonian border was being built since 2008 until 2011. EMS is the investor and EU is the financier. Work contractor was “Inabensa” company from Spain, and “Elem&Elgo”, company from Belgrade, did projects.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine