Serbia oil market liberalization ahead but D2 and BMB Diesel to Sell until 2013

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Petroleum products D2 Diesel and BMB 95 Fuel selling will be extended until half of 2013, Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic announced on Saturday.

We agreed to extend D2 Diesel and BMB 95 Fuel consuming until first half of next year. We had on mind that sudden stoppage of selling those products which doesn’t correspond Euro 5 quality caused sudden fuel price increase. We also considered supplier needs to spend fuel supplies and special consumers’ needs which need certain period of time to adjust their motors to use of ecological clean energy.

“We want to ensure import of some other derivates which can be affordable for army vehicles, trucks and similar, with lower percent of brimstone compared to D-2” added Mihaijlovic.

Domestic D2 Diesel and 95octane BMB Premium Fuel, which don’t correspond to Euro 5 quality, should be withdrawn from the market two years ago, but it had been agreed before that selling and producing should be prolonged, until Refinery Pancevo modernization is over, and then be withdrawn from the market.

Serbia decided for euro-quality of fuel two years ago, with technical and other demands for liquid fuel regulations. Import of standard fuel and diesel which correspond to European standards has exclusively been allowed, since then.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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