Turkey: Gov announces new energy investment projects for power generation

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Turkish Minister of Energy Berat Alibayrak announced a program which consists of a series of investment projects in Turkish energy sector with the aim to reduce the country’s dependency on energy imports and help Turkey achieve its 2023 goal of 2 billion dollars of economic growth. The investments will also be focused on alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power, hydro and nuclear power.

Regarding the nuclear power, besides the agreements on the construction of 4,800 MW NPP Akkuyu and 4,480 MW NPP Sinop that were already signed, the construction of the third nuclear plant should be launched by 2023 as well.

The projects in gas sector include the increase of natural gas storage capacity and the Tuz Golu underground storage facility will be completed. Gas pipeline projects that will bring gas from Azerbaijan (Trans-Anatolian pipeline) and deliver it further to Europe (Trans-Adriatic pipeline) will also be completed by 2023, as well as gas deliveries from Iraq to Europe via Iraq-Turkey gas pipeline.

Through investments in electricity transmission infrastructure, the capacity for electricity trade with neighboring countries will increase as well. The privatization of electricity generation assets, launched in 2010, will continue. Various projects will enable the General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration to conduct mining activities abroad, while exploration activities regarding the determination of the potential of domestic resources such as coal and geothermal energy will be maximized. Domestic resources will be utilized at most efficient way possible in order to reduce the external energy dependence, transmits Serbia-energy.eu

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