Serbia: Lower gas prices as of 1 June

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As of 1 June this year, the price of natural gas for all customers in Serbia who are eligible for public supply will be lower by 4 % on average, while the price for households will be 3.6 % lower.

Energy Regulatory Agency (AERS) gave consent to decisions on the price change submitted by 33 public suppliers. The reduction in price is a result of the lower dollar exchange rate, which is used as currency for gas imports.

This is the fifth decrease in the price of natural gas for public supply since June 2015, after which the average price for customers in Serbia will be 36 % lower on average compared to the same period last year.

The customers eligible for public supply must have annual gas consumption up to 100,000 cubic meters and must be connected to public gas distribution network. However, all these customers, including households, have the right to choose their supplier on the market. In Serbia, about 10 % of the total number of households, namely 250,000, is connected to gas network. In 2015, gas was supplied to 226,000 households and their average annual consumption amounted to 845 cubic meters of gas, transmits

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