Works on the dam “Selova” near Kursumlija continues until the end of 2013

8. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Works on multipurpose accumulation “Selova” near Kursumlija, whose construction began 74 years ago, will be continued this year- it was stated in Kursumlija municipality.

Agreement for work continuation on “Selova” dam was acquired by Kursumlija municipal president Radoljub Vidic and Director of Republic Direction for water Miodrag Pjescic.

The relocation of around 20 households from the space that will be sunk with water was predicted to be solved this year.

Complete cleaning of river basin and space around the basin that will be covered with water was planned to be done by 2014 and the construction of circumlocutory road around the dam.

Constructions of HPP and water factory are also planned.

President of Kursumlija municipality, Radoljub Vidic said to Beta that all these works are expected to be done during three to four years.

-Continuation of the works on this dam has been temporized so far from various reasons. We have finally made a serious agreement to finish these works and to launch dam’s work soon. This is very serious project and it has a great importance and contribution for development of our municipality and for tourism development- Vidic said.

He added that it will be determined how much money will be required for work completion afterwards.

Dam “Selovo” on Toplica River 17 km from Kursumlija is 70,3m high and 420m long. According to the project, total volume is 1,8 million cubic m.

Construction of dams is one of the biggest projects of this kind in Serbia, and around 70 million USD has been invested in it so far.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies


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