Albania, KESH’s income from the sale of electricity is EUR 47.5 million

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The Albanian electricity corporation KESH, which had to import electricity for 450 million euros to cover domestic consumption last year, has been periodically exporting electricity since November, thanks to the improvement of the hydrological situation in the country. From the middle of November to the beginning of February, the company achieved export income of 47.5 million euros.

At the last tender, for delivery on February 4 and 5, KESH sold 15,000 MWh, in four lots, and the prices ranged from 45 euros per MWh (for delivery during the night) to 124 euros per MWh (for base load). it was published on the company’s website. Similar prices were achieved in previous tenders.

From mid-January to February 5, KESH exported electricity every day.

Production in the cascade hydroelectric power plants on the Drina is still stable and the water levels in the reservoirs are optimal. Only during this year, that is, in January and February, KESH sold electricity for 18.7 million euros on the free market.

Due to the improvement of the hydrological situation in the cascade HPP at the end of last year, the government in Tirana decided not to activate the threshold of 800 kWh for households – above this consumption, each KWh should have cost 42 lek (0.36 euros). Also, the state supported consumers connected to 35 kV, which, together with companies connected to medium voltage, are supplied at lower than market prices.

Priority producers in Albania have the obligation to sell the produced electricity to the public distribution company. The public service obligation was introduced due to the crisis situation, the validity of which was extended until the middle of this year. For these hydropower plants, the latest government decision increased the purchase price of electricity and it currently amounts to 9 euro cents per kWh.

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