Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1,019 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in December

, SEE Energy News

Gross electricity production in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) in December 2019 amounted to 1,019 GWh, which is 15.9 % higher compared to December last year, when it amounted to 879 GWh. Net electricity production amounted to 971 GWh, of which 582 GWh (59.9 %) was produced in hydropower plants, while the remaining 389 GWh (40.1 %) was produced in thermal power plants. In December, electricity imports amounted to 53 GWh, compared to 98 GWh in the same month last year, while electricity exports amounted to 368 GWh, compared to 294 GWh last December. In the same month, production of brown coal amounted to 409,398 tons, which is 11.8 % more compared to 2018 when the production stood at 366,161 tons. Lignite production in December 2019 amounted to 168,151 tons, while in December 2018 it amounted to 176.313 tons, a 4.6 % decrease.
Coke production in December 2019 totaled 72,363 tons, which is o.3 % more than 72,140 tons produced in December 2018.

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