Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPBiH will produce 10 % less electricity

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Bosnian state-owned power utility EPBiH will produce 10 % less electricity in ints coal-fired thermal power plants than initially planned in the Energy Balance.

According to newly adopted 2023-2025 Business Plan of the company, lower electricity generation, caused by lower coal supply, will affect EPBiH’s ability to export electricity in this period.

Lower production of thermal power plants of about 500 GWh means that sales on the free market and exports could be halved, since EPBiH planned to sell a little over 1,000 GWh in 2023. The utility produces 75 to 85 % of its electricity from coal.

The company admitted that lower than planned production of coal-fired thermal power plants would have a negative impact on the planned electricity surpluses, but also on the planned financial results. Lower production can be largely attributed to the aging of thermal power plants.

It would also be the second annual decline in a row. A year ago, the company announced a drop in production for 2022, to 6,000 GWh, but the drop was even greater – 6,700 GWh of electricity was produced in 2021, and the production of 5,900 GWh is expected this year, followed by 5,800 GWh in 2023. The decrease in production in thermal power plants in 2022 is caused by a drop in coal supplies and deliveries.

EPBiH said that the Energy Balance for the 2023- 2025 period was made in the third quarter, when it was difficult to predict actual electricity production in 2022. When the Business Plan was completed a month ago, it was certain that the level of coal stocks in thermal power plants at the end of December would be significantly lower compared to the plan.

The company did not identify the reasons for lower coal supplies from its coal mines. However, due to the energy crisis, coal has become a highly demanded commodity, and in the first seven months of the year, BiH exported 207,000 tons compared to 88,000 tons last year. A good part went to Serbia because of problems with reduced coal production.

EPBiH also said that its new solar power plants will be put into operation later than planned, so that by 2025, only one (Resetnica) will enter commercial operation.