Bosnia: Concession contract signed , Construction of HPP “Janjici” begins in the second half of the 2015

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On Friday (May 30th, 2014), Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Erdal Trhulj, managing director of “Power Utility of BiH” Elvedin Grabovica and CEO for capital investments Amil Kamenica signed the concession contract for the construction and operation of HPP “Janjici” on the river Bosna according to self-initiated offer of “Power Utility of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

On that occasion, it was pointed out that concession contract was concluded for a period of 30 years with the possibility of extension. One-time cash fee of 803.750 euros is determined for the concession, which is 2.27% of the total investment value of HPP “Janjici”, that must be paid 30 days after the signing of the concession agreement.

Construction of HPP “Janjic” flow dam power plant with installed capacity of 13.3 MW and annual generation of 68 GWh, is common interest of “Power Utility of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and the community. The total value of the project is 36,8 million euros.

“The preparatory activities, including the approval of loans for construction were proceeded before the signing of the contract. House of Representatives of the Federation of BiH approved indebtedness at the German Development Bank (KfW) and the EPBIH will of these and its own funds finance the construction of this power plant,” Minister Trhulj said after signing the contract.
He added that the construction of this power plant was scheduled to start operation in the second half of 2015, or no later than the end of the year.

“This is an important project for the “Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and the BiH energy sector, particularly for meeting our goals of participation in the mandatory share of renewable energy in the energy sector in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ,”Trhulj said.
He said that at the next session of the FBiH Government should have adopted an action plan FBiH for renewable sources of energy.
“It is known that for BiH is recognized 34% of the production from renewable energy sources and it is the largest percentage of which is recognized one country in Europe. Our set goal is BiH is 40% by 2020. Since a national scheme doesn’t exist , the entities shall prepare their own that could be united in one. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was recognized by 34%, which is even more than the state level and our obligated goal in participation of BiH is 41% ,” Trhulj said.

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