Bosnia: Project of construction of the 60MW HPP “Ustikolina” presented to public and environmental stakeholders

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At the public hearing about the rating of the Study on environmental impact assessment of HPP “Ustikolina”, held on 25 September 2013 in Ustikolina, organized by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and “Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, representatives of the “Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, presented the project of construction of that hydroelectric power plant.

As reported on the website of “Electric Power Industry BiH”, the construction of hydroelectric power, which is by the Decision of the Government of the Federation of BiH defined as one of the priorities, it will provide to Bosnian Podrinje Canton their own secure source of power, income to communities of one-time concessionary and ongoing annual fees in keeping with legislation, improving the living conditions of the local population through the “Program of the friendly environment” and economic benefits for the local community by starting small economic activities and employment of local people during construction. Conceptual project envisages the possibility that 40% of workers engaged in the construction of HPP “Ustikolina” will be from the area of Ustikoline and Gorazde.

HPP “Ustikolina” means economic growth and development of the municipality Ustikolina and Gorazde, of Bosnian – Podrinje Canton, and the Federation of BiH, by using the river Drina hydro power in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was announced at presentation.

Increase of hydropower generation, or “green power” in the territory of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, reducing pollutant emissions, improved stability of the energy system, the ability to improve the water supply for irrigation in the region, as well as development of fish farms, tourism development, a number of aspects of recreation and sports activities in the hydro reservoir of HPP “Ustikolina” and in stream of the river Drina, the construction of fish runs, which will ensure the migration of fish fauna and other aquatic organisms, and mitigation of the disruption of the ecological balance, are some of the benefits that this area makes with the construction of HPP “Ustikolina.”

The project is in line with the principles of sustainable development and energy development with concept based on the use of available renewable resources.

HPP “Ustikolina” is dam facility with less accumulation. From an energetic point of view of it is instantaneous power plant with reservoir and related facilities of the plant, located in the municipality of Foca-Ustikolina, while a smaller part of the dam and accumulation belongs to the Municipality of Gorazde.

Installed capacity is 60 MW with the potential annual production of 236 GWh. The investment is 135MEUR.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/EPBiH

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