Bulgaria:South Stream project, political opposition claims corruption accusation against the BG interests

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– The South Stream pipeline is a priority for the Bulgarian government, but it is turning into another major corruption project of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the Kremlin and the energy mafia, after a bad experience with the Belene nuclear plant – said in their declaration, party Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) .

DSB party notices that the project is to the detriment of the Bulgarian national interests for the following reasons:

  1. Bulgaria will not receive even one hundredth for 15 years, because at that time all revenues go to Gazprom.
  2. Bulgaria will lose € 400 million in this period, due to the closure now functional arm, because of South Stream gas pipeline.
  3. Bulgaria will pay huge financial sanctions to European Union, for violations of European request that half of the gas should be supplied to other suppliers (from 2008 tripartite coalition provided that the entire amount goes to Gazprom). Therefore, Bulgaria will not be able to use the gas purchased in other countries.
  4. This project is a corruption, and it proves the fact that its funding has nothing to do with market conditions. Only the 5-year cost of construction of the pipeline has increased three times, from 1.1 billion euros to 3.3 billion euros, with no specific reason.

DSB evaluate this project economically as the corrupt and politically to intimidate the Euro-Atlantic orientation of Bulgaria.

–           Therefore, we first ask the ruling majority and the Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, why Bulgaria was forced to invest over a billion euros in foreign project, in which its managing will not be able to protect its national interests. And second, we insist that the Government of Plamen Oresharski does not allow to start construction on Bulgarian territory, until the following:

  1. Until getting of an opinion of the European Commission regarding violation of European law and until ensuring elimination of these distortions.
  2. Until the preparation of international grade on Environmental Protection on the underwater part of the route.
  3. Until it is presented to the entire investment project with full funding.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Bg medias

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