Conflict between Zorana Mihajlovic and Dusan Bajatovic, energy minister vs state gas trader CEO

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Months-long conflict between Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic and Managing Director of Srbijagas Dusan Bajatovic slowly becomes a daily entertainment for expert public but with not so harmless consequences, especially to them.

The last reason for their official fight where no other politicians are involved (Minister is from SNS and Director is from SPS) is Zorana’s intention that some anticorruption team investigates Bajatovic’s involvement in suspicious business. This conflict couldn’t finish without Bajatovic’s answer. There is a little trap in this answer that should be thought about.

Institutional foundation of establishing anticorruption team is with special task- to research eventual business mistakes of Srbijagas and EPS as well. We can, but we don’t have to believe Bajatovic who claims that there are no arguments for this and that such anticorruption team is only a caprice of Minister Mihajlovic who wants to investigate his dirty laundry in order to prove that Srbijagas has losses of a billion EUR and that Bajatovic doesn’t know to run a business. He must be corrupt when she sends anticorruption team to investigate him.

Whose team? Her team? Para-governmental? And exactly after a report from State Inspector who put charges against Bajatovic for illegal business moves. Isn’t establishment of such a team by Ministry of Energy underestimation of National Inspection Institutes or official anticorruption commission and other organs that are dealing with industrial criminal? Will this idea spread to other resources- traffic, construction and healthcare?

Maybe it is the time for Government to involve in this war between them because Minister Mihajlovic and Director Bajatovic don’t answer for their non-work. She is not a boss to him because Minister doesn’t choose directors, political parties are and the agreement for cadres’ distribution on these places is very important for peace in the office, in Nemanjina street.

Nobody wants to dispute Minister to reorganize one of its companies in the scope of its resources like Srbijagas for example. There is also Elektroprivreda Srbije. What happens to thousands of other public companies from republic to municipal level? Are they also ready for detailed investigation too?

Yes, they are, all of them without exceptions, but we will begin with Srbijagas because their Director is not getting along with Minister. Consequently, doesn’t Mihajlovic need to draw governmental attention and to put charges against Bajatovic if she knows that he is working illegally, makes losses and that he is corrupted.

Source; Politika/Serbia Energy