Serbia to construct two new gas storage facilities for South Stream capacities

7. May 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Plans related to construction of main South Stream pipeline are going as planned in Serbia and main project of “South Stream” in Serbia will be finished by 30 June as it was announced- Managing Director of PC “Srbijagas”, Dusan Bajatovic, said during last week meeting with RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Zeljko Kovacevic.

-Contractor of this work will be public company “Srbijagas” and business related to the construction of branch toward Republika Srpska and Croatia will be being finished at the same and there is no doubt that project “South Stream” including a branch toward RS will be realized.

Bajatovic said that it is well-known that two underground gas warehouses are going to be constructed in Serbia, i.e. second phase in Banatski Dvor, as well as situation in Srpski Itebej and they will be used for needs of Repulika Srpska’s consumers, next to Serbian market.

According to his words, the finishing phase of preparation for South Stream equipment supply tender announcement in Serbia is in progress.

-Announcement of tender for pipeline construction i.e. for work performers is expected in September. We expect that construction will begin in December and I stress that the offer of Serbian construction operative and services if they are not competitive (which we don’t suppose to doubt because Serbia has quality) will be reconsidered together with all of the others. We expect that Serbian companies with their partners will work on South Stream project in amount of 600 to 800 million EUR.

Talking about RS sector construction, Bajatovic said that the construction of one more ideological and general project for RS sector of South Stream, which suppose to have 2 billion cubic meters of gas capacity and to go to Banjaluka and which suppose to satisfy all current RS market’s needs for gas as energy type and all needs in future, is in progress.

Bajatovic said that the construction of two gas facilities in RS is also planned while plans in Serbia are same as they were- 4 gas facilities. They should be constructed in Novi Sad, Nis, Belgrade and Pancevo.

Very important project

RS Minister, Zeljko Kovacevic pointed that experience in PC “Srbijagas” is related to the construction of South Stream through Serbia and it is so precious that project realization is being continued and Gasprom representatives are being expected to arrange technical details of project in RS.

-RS Government has announced this project as national what tells us about its significance and it provides a row of benefits: energy stability, high quality energy, development of industrial capacities and better positioning of RS toward investors- Kovacevic said.

Source;Serbia Energy/Agencies

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