Croatia, Koncar won a contract for HPP overhaul in Iraq

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Croatian company Koncar has signed a 65 million euros worth contract for the rehabilitation of hydropower plant Haditha in Iraq.

HPP Haditha, with an installed capacity of 768 MW, represents one of the largest references in history for the company, given that the power plant was actually built by Koncar during the first half of the 1980s.

Several companies within the parent Koncar Group, led by Koncar Inzenjering (KET), will participate in this large project. As part of the contract, the partial revitalization of the generation units, the replacement of part of medium and high voltage equipment, complete power plant management systems, the excitation and electrical protection systems, as well as the rehabilitation of all mechanical subsystems and hydromechanical equipment of the power plant will be carried out.

In the last ten years, Koncar has already realized several smaller contracts, mainly involving the supply of equipment and spare parts for this power plant on the Euphrates River, as well as to other plants, such as HPP Hemren. This agreement achieved an important return to the Iraqi market, which once again confirmed the role of the Koncar Group as one of the most important domestic exporters to the global market.

KET will implement this project in a consortium with a local partner Al Rashak and other companies within the Koncar Group will also be involved in the implementation. In its long history, Koncar was involved in almost 400 hydropower plant projects across more than 50 countries around the world.

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