Croatia to modernize TPP Rijeka, new gas technology to generate 600MW

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Croatia to modernize TPP Rijeka, new gas technology to generate 600MW

The study of feasibility has to be done, project documentation must be prepared and way of financing must be found in HEP.

TPP Rijeka in Urinje will begin to use, instead of crude oil, natural gas as fuel in next four years, it was confirmed in HEP. One of the biggest pollutants on the sea is an old and over expensive thermal power plant, constructed almost 40 years ago, will be reconstructed and modernized completely and that project has already been included in HEP group’s investment program, it was stated in HEP.

“Preliminary activities on this project development have already been launched and possible start of operation is, according to the estimation is 2017. Project’s goals are complete modernization of facilities using the best commercial available technologies with using gas as energy.

Planned power of TPP is 500-600 MW. Final selection of technical-technology solution should result from the feasibility study. Reasons for plant’s reconstruction are facility’s oldness above all, bigger investments in maintenance and work of plant i.e. using technologies with higher degree of usefulness and ecologically more acceptable energy, it was stated in announcement from HEP.

After completed procedures on HEP’s location, HEP will have modern, flexible facility that will provide support to the  energy system in sense of connection possibility of all renewable energy sources like wind for example so every produced KWH reduces dependence of electricity import- it was emphasized in HEP.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/HEP