EuroEnergy enters the Croatian market with a 150 million euro wind farm project

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The subsidiary of the Libra group for renewable energy sources is buying a project for the development of a wind farm in Udbina, Croatia, with a capacity of 114 MW, as the first investment in this key market of renewable energy sources, the company announced.

The value of the investment is 150 million euros, and the acquisition represents one of the first investments in clean energy in Croatia since the country became a member of the Eurozone in January 2023.

With a presence in key markets including Greece, Romania and now Croatia, the acquisition will significantly increase EuroEnergy’s investment portfolio of solar parks and wind farms to over 200 MW of installed capacity. In addition, the company previously owned and operated 375 MW.

The acquisition in Croatia includes the right to expand for an additional 70.5 MW of wind capacity, depending on the upgrade of the power grid.

EuroEnergy is a renewable energy investment company with offices in London, Athens and Bucharest. It was founded in Greece in 2007, with the aim of increasing the contribution of renewable energy sources in the traditional energy mix in Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

Its portfolio has grown over the years and includes solar PV and wind farms in Romania and Greece. The company’s operating assets track record consist of close to 0.5 GW of wind, solar and biogas projects.

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