Greece: Coverage of RES electricity deficit

, SEE Energy News

Although the draft proposal for the new RES support scheme, which should be put for public debate, did not include an article regarding the funding of special RES account, according to unofficial sources, the final proposal which will be forwarded to Greek Parliament will include the aforementioned article.

The aim of new RES support plan is to avoid the special duty for the reduction of gas emissions (ETMEAR), which was paid by end consumers of electricity. According to the previous support scheme, whenever electricity market operator LAGIE forecasts the deficit in the special account, the Greek Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) would increase ETMEAR surcharge on electricity bills in order to cover the deficit.

However, new scheme envisages that end consumers will no longer be forced to cover the deficit in special RES account, that burden will be transferred to electricity suppliers, the Public Power Corporation (PPC) and other independent electricity suppliers in the market.

The special RES account had a deficit of about 15.7 million euros at the end of 2015, transmits

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