Macedonia: Lowest electricity price in SEE region kept in Macedonia

, SEE Energy News

Macedonia is among the countries with the lowest electricity price in Europe. According to the Eurostat analysis, electricity prices in Macedonia are by 55 % lower than the European average.

The average price of electricity in EU countries is 18.4 euros per 100 kWh. According to Eurostat, the highest price is in Denmark (29.8 euros/100 kWh), while Bulgaria has the cheapest electricity in the European Union (8.7 euros/100 kWh).

The price of electricity in Macedonia is by 55 % lower than the EU average, while the price in Serbia is 47 % lower than the average. In the region, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro have the most expensive electricity.

The price in Macedonia is among the lowest in Europe and the region, although domestic electricity production has been decreasing in the past few years. According to the latest data on electricity imports, imported electricity was accounted for about 32 % of total consumption in Macedonia. By comparison, the World Bank states that electricity imports in Macedonia stood at just 5 % in 2000. Such increasing import dependence is due to the fact that Macedonian citizens pay low electricity prices, which are heavily subsidized, the World Bank concludes, transmits