Hungary, A slight increase in the spot price of gas, to 61.6 euros per MWh on Wednesday

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The spot price of gas on the Hungarian CEEGEX exchange in the last seven days ranged from 60.4 euros per MWh to 61.6 euros per MWh, which was achieved on Wednesday, February 8. In the previous week, gas prices for next-day delivery fell to around 57.2 euros per MWh, the lowest level since 2021.

In January, the spot price did not exceed the threshold of 77 euros per MWh and has been declining almost continuously.

This trend started from the middle of last month – on December 14, 2022, gas was traded for 128.55 euros per MWh, and in the first days of January the price dropped to 70.8 euros per MWh.

While gas prices fluctuated slightly in the previous seven days, the volume of trade increased strongly in the last two days, especially on February 8, when it reached 109,056 MWh. The day before, the volume was 79,608 MWh. On other days, it hovered around 50 GWh per day.

On the intraday market, on February 8, a modest volume of trade was recorded in sub-day intervals, below 90 MWh per hour, at an average weighted price of 58.46 euros per MWh.

According to the CEEGEX annual report for 2022, the total trade volume reached 26,012 GWh last year. The most successful month was November, with 3.64 TWh. In this month, a daily record was achieved in terms of trade volume – 545.9 GWh, as well as a daily record, with 1.26 TWh.

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