North Macedonia, Increase in electricity production by 40 percent, to 699 GWh in 2023.

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The North Macedonian state producer of electricity, Elektrane Severne Macedonia (AD ESM) in the period from January 1 to February 7, 2023, produced 699,240 MWh of electricity in its power plants, which is 40 percent more compared to the same period last year that is, by as much as 86 percent more than in the same period in 2021, the company announced.

The production plan for 2023, as of February 7, has been fulfilled by 101.5 percent, it added. The positive results in 2023 were achieved thanks to the engagement of employees and the support of the government, as well as the increased intensity of the work of REK Bitolj and TE Negotino and the improvement of the hydrological situation, ESM points out.

On certain days this year, there were certain deviations in the planned production, which go to plus or minus, that is, AD ESM delivers significant additional amounts of electricity to the network on certain days, which are above the needs for daily supply in the country, the statement added. .

On Monday, the ESM said that due to a sharp jump in the country’s total consumption on Sunday, which rose in just one day from 19 GWh on Saturday to 22.3 GWh, it had to withdraw electricity from the European grid.

The jump in consumption exceeded the nominated quantities by the universal supplier EVN Home, due to which ESM placed 1,045 MWh of system services from the tertiary reserve, and a shortfall of 820 MWh was registered.

The withdrawal of energy from the European grid is an established balancing mechanism that applies throughout Europe, ESM adds.

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