Hungary, Croatia: MOL is ready to import Iranian oil through Janaf oil terminals

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After the talks with the Iranians the Hungarian company MOL is ready to import oil from Iran thru the Croatial oil terminal Omisalj. MOL is managing oil company INA Croatia and its refineries.

After the talks held in Iran, the Hungarian oilandgas companyMOLis readyto importIranianoilviaJANAF’s TerminalOmišalj ifthey get theopportunity. IfIranstartsexporting oilto Europe again,MOLwill use this opportunity.

MOL mainly imports oil from Russia, but in the year 2015 they were already importing 20% of the oil from other sources. Besides MOL forecasts that oil prices in 2016 and 2017 will be 30 – 50 USD / bbl, which will help its refineries, although it could harm the production of oil. At the same time MOL expects for the refinery margins in the region to be 4 – 5 USD / bbl over the next two years, which will have a positive impact on the refinery part of operation, transmits