Hungary: Electricity import from Ukraine

, SEE Energy News

In May 2021, the total volume of electricity exports from Ukraine amounted to 460 GWh, which is 13.2 times more than the total electricity imports in the same month, which amounted to 34.9 GWh, according to the data published by the national electricity company Ukrenergo.

The volume of imports in May 2021 amounted to 0.3 % of total electricity consumption.

In the first five months of 2021, the import of electricity from Belarus reached 522.6 GWh (53 % of the total amount), while imports from Slovakia reached 25.4 GWh. At the same time, electricity exports increased in almost all directions except Romania. The largest quantities were exported from the energy island of TPP Byrshtin – 70 % of total exports. In the first five months of 2021, electricity exports to Hungary amounted to 696.4 GWh (49.7 % of total exports), and to Poland 353.3 GWh (25.2%).