Hungary, First LNG truck shipment from Krk terminal

, SEE Energy News

Hungarian company Arelgas announced that the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment by truck arrived in Hungary from the Croatian Krk terminal, thus opening a new mode and route to the Hungarian gas supply chain.

Road-transported LNG supply natural gas to distribution sites for LNG fuel or industrial sites not connected to the transmission grid. Hungary currently has three LNG filling stations, and next year the number of filling points in Hungary will double to meet the needs of the growing number of LNG-powered vehicles.

LNG Hrvatska, the operator of the Krk import facility, has started offering LNG reloading services directly from the vessel to trucks this spring.

Arelgas said that it bought gas from MVMCeenergy. The company considers the investment a milestone in terms of security of supply, diversification of transportation routes and the possibility of cost reduction. It will also help to ease the energy crises and strengthen gas transport capacity not only for the clean transport sector but for other industrial customers as well.

In 2023, the number of LNG stations in Hungary is expected to double in line with the needs of the growing fleet of LNG-powered vehicles.