Hungary: Gas storages are at full capacity

, SEE Energy News

State secretary for energy and climate policy Peter Kaderjak said that underground gas storage facilities in the country are at full capacity and the amount available could cover Hungary’s needs for 130 days if necessary. According to data gathered between 21 and 27 September, storage facilities in Hungary hold a combined 6.49 billion cubic meters of natural gas, with 1.45 billion cubic meters acting as security reserves and 5.04 billion available for commercial purposes.

With continuous gas transfers from six neighboring countries, the fact that there are almost 107.61 billion cubic meters of gas inEuropean storage facilities and 29.43 billion cubic meters in Ukrainian facilities also provides significant support for Hungary’s winter security of gas supply.

He also noted that Magyar Foldgazkereskedo, the gas trading unit of the state-owned Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) has recently signed a contract booking regasification capacity of one billion cubic meters per year over a period of almost seven years at the future Krk LNG terminal in Croatia. He added that by next year Hungary could also import gas from Serbia following an expansion of transport capacity.