Hungary, Growth of futures for April to 114.9 euros per MWh

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Hungarian futures for the month ahead rose over the past four days to €114.89 per MWh on Friday, March 23, compared with €108.31 per MWh on March 20 – the lowest price recorded in the past month day, according to data from the HUDEX exchange of electricity derivatives in Budapest.

Futures for the month ahead have almost halved since the beginning of this year. For the sake of comparison, on January 2, these contracts were traded for 214 euros per MWh. However, prices fell sharply at the end of the first month of this year, to 150 euros per MWh.

Futures for the year 2024 recorded strong volatility in March. They jumped from 143 euros per MWh at the beginning of the month to 169.89 euros per MWh on March 13, only to return to 143 euros per MWh on March 20. Since then, contracts for delivery over the next year rose to 151.39 euros per MWh on Friday.

Electricity for delivery in the second quarter of 2023 was traded on Friday for 134.43 euros per MWh. Contracts for delivery from April to June rose by around 8 euros in the previous four days and were above the level of 140 euros per MWh for most of March.

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