Hungary: Renesola’s solar portfolio purchase completed by Opton gas

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The purchase of the remainder of Hungarian solar portfolio of Chinese solar project developer ReneSola is completed by the Denmark-based renewable energy company Obton gas.

The portfolio consists of 25 solar parks at three different locations, which are under construction, with a total installed capacity of 15 MW. All power plants are eligible to participate in Hungary’s RES support scheme. Last October, ReneSola has agreed to sell a part of its existing portfolio of small-scale solar projects in Hungary to Obton. The sale included 24 solar power plants, with an average size of approximately 0.5 MW per plant, bringing a total installed capacity to 13.9 MW. These 24 small-scale projects are qualified under the Hungarian 25-year feed-in tariff scheme, where fixed electricity prices are paid to renewable energy producers for each unit of energy produced and fed into the electricity network. Obton is an investment and management company specializing in renewable projects, and manages a photovoltaic portfolio of more than 719 MW with an enterprise value of 1.4 billion euros. Its facilities are primarily located in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.