Macedonia: Companies are ready for electricity market liberalization, consumers had enough time to prepare themselves

17. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

146 companies suppose to feel free to go at electricity market since 1 July this year. They are well informed, prepared and they exactly know what is going to happen- Koco Angusev, President of Macedonian Energy Association, said on Association’s Parliament which was aiming to inform and explain the whole market liberalization process.

The law was enforced in 2012. Market liberalization should have begun on 1 January 2013, but it was postponed for 1 July. If there is a new postponing, request should be submitted to Regulatory Energy Agency. And no matter if there is a delay or not, we are giving our best to prepare companies for liberalization”, Angusov said. He pointed that this move will benefit to all companies i.e. electricity price will be decreased on stock markets in the next few years in order to keep influence on Macedonian industry.

“We expect that electricity market liberalization use will decrease expenses in these companies by 25%”, Angusev said and added that price for next year will be 41,5 EUR on Hungarian market.

According to his words, the company will have big obligation to prepare itself.

-There is much to be done. They are not obligated to become energy experts now or to have sectors in their companies. They will be in charge of electricity supply services and they got only lower price at the end”, Angusov said and added that it shall make its market and competition for electricity supply and to take over other obligations.

He stressed that there are 50 companies registered for power supply but only 7 to 10 are doing real work. Companies are obligated to leave free market with over 50 employed and with a traffic which is 10 million EUR yearly.

Source;Macedonian Energy agency/Serbia Energy SEE desk

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