Republika Srpska: Arrogance or lack of transparency crashed RWE HPPs project on Drina river, report

17. June 2013. / SEE Energy News

Joint venture project of Republika Srpska’s Government and German Company RWE for the HPP Gornja Drina project (HES) collapsed- stated Aleksandar Golijanin, spokesman from the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) in RS parliament and member of this party.

Golijanin has reminded on the press conference in Banjaluka that this party had warned earlier that this project does not have a future like government planned and that it won’t be realized.

-Neighbor Serbia has a similar problem and its new government does not know how to deal with the problem of this company because it has coincided HPP on Morava River and they are searching for legal advisor at the moment in order to break up a contract. I’m afraid that this is will happen to us, too- Golijanin said and added that government need to turn back to the former concept with the reference to HPP Gornja Drina. This concept considers construction of Buk Bijela which would be the most profitable HPP. He states that material for RWE project was not well prepared so he agrees with “giving up” from this German company because the signed contract was not profitable to RS. I am sure that RWE local engineers knew the truth and reality on the field, I am sure that RWE holding people were informed by our government and ministry of energy that “everything will be ok”, but reality was and is different Golijanin explained.

-Principles of these big companies are to reserve some resource and to launch realization when they feel to have good quality electricity placement- Golijanin said and questioned RWE team honesty in explaining their plans and benefits even to RS government.

The National Assembly of RS issued the approval for Government’s contract for strategic partner election and realization of hydro power system (HES) Gornja Drina and strategic partnership with German Company RWE after huge fight and opposition conflict. Golijanin asked was RWE aware of this public opposition in parliament and local municipalities.

This project caused negative reactions from RS and BiH before, as well as from Montenegro. RS government provided all regional partners a study which claim that “Foca” and “Buk Bijela” does not have environmental influences. This proven to be false.

The contract RS Government signed on 26 October defines the ratio between RWE (60%) and “Elektroprivreda RS” (40%) in the common company and this is related to the construction of 4 HPPs- “Buk Bijela”, “Foca”, “Sutjeska” and “Paunci”.

Golijanin stated that annual production made by HPP Visegrad or 100 million KM is being stolen on electricity network by losses, but one of conditions is that RS turn back appropriate profession in electricity sector and not to employ eligible “party armors” without appropriate professions.

He stated that current government has missed an opportunity to enter construction of energy objects when there was money on accounts from the sale of “Telekom RS”.

It’s time to change some things in RS because of this and other things.

Source Slobodna Bosna/PDP press relases

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