Macedonia: Electricity imports to cover low power generation results

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By the end of August, Macedonia has met the needs for electricity of tariff consumers from its domestic production, which include the citizens and small businesses. However, in September of Macedonia had a deficit of around 120 GWh. In recent months, full accumulations were producing more electricity than planned, and some of them had previously met the annual plans.

But in September, although the hydroelectric power plants produced more than planned, the production of power plants is reduced, and thus lack of power plants failed to be covered by excess of hydro power plants. Three hydroelectric power plants of Mavrovo – Vrutok, Vrben and Raven did not work in September for the revitalization that is underway. In addition hydroelectric power plants Kozjak and Sveta Petka had lower production, while TPP  Oslomej did not work. Minimum production had the second block of REK Bitola, where the modernization of the boiler system is in progress, so this block started functioning in September.

These amounts were recovered from import, but they are less than the major users have purchased abroad, who are directly connected to the transmission system and who have been buying electricity on the free market. By the end of September Macedonia imported 1,642 GWh of electricity, of which just over 1,400 GWh were imported from major companies, and 120 GWh to meet the shortage of tariff consumers, and the same amount to cover losses. This year, unlike last, electricity prices in the world market due to better hydrology is particularly low, at about 40 euros per MWh. Good indicators related to the import and price in world markets imply that people can expect positive information in the future about electricity prices.

Macedonia finished last year with importing 2,674 GWh, of which the largest part 1,983 GWh the companies imported for their own purposes, and 195 GWh were needed to cover losses, while for the needs of citizens and small businesses 500 GWh is imported.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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