Serbia: Fraud claims against Lukoil, State damaged for 100 MEUR

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With the sale of “Beopetrol” to Russian “Lukoil “, the state is damaged for about 100 MEUR, estimated Council against corruption. Council member Jelisaveta Vasilic said that report on the privatization of the company is submitted to the Government of Serbia.

Report on the privatization of “Beopetrol” Council has provided to the Serbian Government on 30 September this year, but, she says, as the government has not responded within eight days, a report is published on the website of the body.

She explained that the package of shares of public property “Beopetrol” is sold in the tender and that the contract included the purchase price, investment and social programs. The purchase price was paid but, according to Vasilic investment program of € 85 million remained disputable.

The Council’s report states that the customer, “Lukoil “, had an obligation to invest 85 million euros in the modernization of the company, eight more in social programs, and that these duties bank guarantee in full amount must be provided. However, “Lukoil” gave a guarantee on 41 MEUR and took credit for an additional 117.2 MEUR.

“The Council believes that the investment program is not executed, and that 85 MEUR on investment program was not paid,” said Vasilic to Tanjug.

She added that the buyer (Lukoil) did not have the money for investment, and the company that he bought (Beopetrol) obtained a loan of 105 MEUR, and another one of 10.2 MEUR.

That means, she said, that “Beopetrol ” invested itself, not the customer, because the customer did not have the money.

Vasilic said that more troubling is the fact that the report of the Privatization Agency was unable to determine whether the money was invested in investment.

“It means that everything which should be investment – building new stations, software programs, toilets – we did not determine whether it was made. It says even the Agency in its report,” said Vasilic.

She believes that the state is damaged for entire amount of the loan as “Lukoil” will not return any money to anyone (to the country or workers, even small shareholders).

The Council has determined that there was a payment to companies “Inkoneks-kom ” from Belgrade and “Giovello Trading ltd ” from the British Virgin Islands, for non-existent works.

“Contract for the construction and reconstruction of 132 gas stations has been signed with company ‘Inkoneks-kom’. 31.2 million were paid, although there is no evidence that the investment is made. Company ‘Giovello Trading’ is engaged for the delivery of equipment, it was paid 24 million, but even here, there is no evidence that the work is done,” said Council against corruption.

In addition to investment, “Lukoil ” is not fulfilled its obligations in respect of the social program, which was supposed to allocate three million. As stated in the Council, in the report of the Agency for privatization stands that the money on that basis was intended for the enhancement of salaries, allowances, grants, retirement benefits and other.

The Agency has stated in their reports, according to the Council, that the information provided by “Lukoil ” and information from the auditor’s report do not agree, so we can not conclude exactly how much was spent for this purpose.

Even though they did not have all the relevant evidence on the fulfillment of obligations, the Privatization Agency informed Lukoil that it completely fulfilled all obligations under the sales contract, it stands in a report by the Council.

“Lukoil” said to medias that they do not want to comment on media writing for now.

Source; Serbia Energy

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