Macedonia, ESM agreed to purchase 130,000 tons of coal

, SEE Energy News

So far, North Macedonian state-owned power utility ESM agreed to purchase 130,000 tons of coal (out of planned 300,000 tons) for the operation of thermal power plant Oslomej. Coal will be supplied by a local company from Berovo and a company from Kosovo. According to General Director of ESM Vasko Kovacevski, the agreement for the remaining amount is expected to be signed with the Kosovo’s firm as well.

Kovacevski said that unit 2 of TPP Bitola will enter production during the weekend. He reminded that the Government has declared a state of emergency in the energy sector, which allowed the allocation of 65 million euros for state-owned energy companies. 9 million euros were spent by ESM for the purchase of electricity in the past few days, while 30 million euros will be used by electricity transmission system operator MEPSO to cover the costs of drawing electricity from the European network.