Macedonia, Seven strategic investments in the energy sector exceed one billion euros

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The government in Skopje has adopted a total of seven decisions declaring strategic investor status, all related to energy. This is shown by the data published on the government’s website, which lists seven strategic investment decisions.

The last decision was made at the end of December last year, which means that Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski has not yet approved any capital project.

Decisions are adopted on the basis of the Law on Strategic Investments. However, as provided by the law itself, a separate law should be adopted in the Assembly for each strategic investment project. Such a thing has not happened so far, which would enable the realization of these projects.

It is not known how much it will cost for two of the seven projects, and for five it is estimated that it will bring total investments of 1.07 billion euros, according to the announcements.

On December 29 last year, the Government Gazette published a decision of the government by which the projects of photovoltaic power plants in KO Jamularci and KO Skandalci of the company Promark Energy DOOEL Skopje received the status of a strategic investment project.

The company applied for a public call that was open until January last year.

As the press service of the government announced at the time, the photovoltaic power plants in Jamularci and Skandalci will have a total capacity of 280 MW, and the value of the investment is 184 million euros.

This latest decision on declaring a strategic investor was signed by former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who resigned at the beginning of the year due to, as he said, a poor result in the local elections.

Just a few days earlier, on December 13 last year, the Government’s decision to determine the status of a strategic investment for the Het Solar project by Hek Solar MK DOOEL in Skopje was published in the Official Gazette. .

Also in December, another decision was made on a strategic investment project for Grid-Tied Solar Planet, Renewable Power International DOOEL from Skopje.

It is an investment in a photovoltaic power plant with a capacity of 85 MW, and the solar power plant of a strategic investor worth 63 million euros should be built in the municipality of Delcevo.

In November last year, First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi signed a decision to declare a strategic partner for the Stipion Solar PV Park project, the company Ostro Solar DOOEL from Skopje.

The Stipion solar park will be built on an area of ​​452 hectares in Stip in cooperation with the leading French company Aquo Energy. The value of the investment is expected to be 270m euros, with a capacity to produce 350 to 400 MW of electricity.

On that occasion, Zaev announced that the law on this investment is being prepared, the adoption of which is expected in the first half of the year, adding that this French investment is the first and largest of its kind in the Balkans. The project will enable the supply of 94,000 households, and construction should start this year on the stretch from Stip to Sveti Nikola, at the location where the cargo airport is planned.

Companies that will produce 207 MW with a premium tariff have also applied for the tender. Zaev announced that the first quantities of electricity will be delivered in 2023, and full realization is expected by the end of 2024. Electricity production is estimated at about 650 GWh per year, which is 16% of the annual electricity production in AD ESM.

In September last year, Grubi signed a decision by which the project of the solar power plant – Ercelija, of the company EFT Solar DOOEL, also from Skopje, received the status of a strategic investment.

In September, another decision was made on a strategic project for the Virovi wind farm, the Skopje-based Virovi DOOEL wind farm.

The wind farm will be built by the German company Wpd, and will have a capacity of 415 MW. This wind farm should be built on the stretch Kumanovo – Staro Nagoricane – Kriva Palanka, and its value is estimated at as much as 500 million euros.

This is the largest single direct greenfield investment in the country since gaining independence. 69 new wind turbines will be installed, which is four times more than the previous 16 located on the border with Greece, which will produce over 400 MW of electricity.

VE Virovi will not receive any preferential tariffs from the state, it will supply 290,000 households, and the investment will take place in several phases.

The oldest strategic project, ie the first strategic investment in the country, was signed by Zaev in July last year for the project – Factory for Green Energy Production – of the company Zoka Energy Solution import-exort DOOEL based in Negotin.

The government said the company provides a unique environmental solution for solving the problem of landfill waste and its conversion into renewable energy sources and recycling of raw materials for industry. However, the people of Negotin protested against the opening of a factory in their city.