Romania: Wind farms investment on hold, system peaked ?

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Despite restricting the subsidy system with green certificates, investment still exists in draft. The most numerous were already completed. One of the largest operational wind farms in Constanta County is in the Cogealac-Fântânele, with 240 turbines and a total installed capacity of 600 MW, while the reactor of the Cernavoda nuclear power is the electrical power of about 700 MW .

Cave under Mayor Valentin Sparrow operates a wind farm consisting of 30 turbines, for another 270 building permits there. Investors in wind farms in Dobrogea are generally foreign companies in the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and other European countries.

According to Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture (CCINA) Constanta Dănuţ Juganaru in Dobrogea it is a surplus of energy produced by wind power that could not be picked up national energy system.

“From the information we have, in this area of Romania, gathering all the parks, is already the largest wind farm in Central and Eastern Europe. (…) The question however is whether it could be extended with new investments these wind farms to the extent SEPS may or may not absorb energy system wind new energy sources. It seems that it peaked on how can our national system to take ” says in CCINA.

For renewable energy produced in country in 2013, Transelectrica issued to producers of green certificates 10.1 million, according to data posted on the website OPCOM operator of the electricity market. Renewable energy production reached a record level at the end of last year, the total capacity of the existing projects in the system reached 4,255 MW, being 82% higher than at the end of 2012, according to the National Energy Regulatory (ANRE).

Meanwhile, however, the system resumes grant was drastically reduced and it is hard to believe that new projects will be completed, return on investment is most often negative, and therefore uninteresting to financing banks.