Montenegro: Mitsubishi and Ivica Consulting pushes forward their 72MW Wind park, Spanish Fersa Energias delays its 46MW wind park project

17. May 2013. / SEE Energy News

Government expects that buyout of the land and other preparation work for construction of wind park facility on Krnovo will begin soon after issuing urban-technical conditions.

Ministry of Economy stated that request for issuance of urban-technical conditions had been delivered.

-According to our information, issuance of urban-technical conditions is expected soon- Ministry of Economy said.

The contract for land buyout and public property and for construction of WPPs for Krnovo locality was signed with Consortium consisted of Japanese Company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Ivica Consulting from Vienna almost three years ago.

The Company Krnovo Green Energy, 72 MW strong, was established for the purpose of Krnovo HPP construction.

Delivery of requests for urban-technical conditions is expected for HPPs’ construction on Mozura also. Issuance of these conditions will dictate dynamic of project implementation.

Ministry reminded that certain postponing on the base of investors’ reorganization happened on Mozura locality.

Spanish Consortium Fersa Energias Renovables is in charge of WPPs in Bar and Ulcinj construction. The contract with them was signed in July 2010. This contract predicted the construction of WPP with 46 MW of installed power. Lease period is 20 years with possibility of prolonging on 10 years maximally.

Time is required for construction of WPPs- it was explained in the Ministry.

-Certain time is required for projects of WPPs’ construction from the land lease beginning period over huge research works and to the construction and connection to electricity system- it was explained from this department.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MNE Ministry of Economy

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