Montenegro power utility, A2A, Malerba: MANS undermines credibility of EPCG with ungrounded charges

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Charges of Network for affirmation of nongovernmental sector MANS, where NVO stresses that this leading coalition was buying its votes by debts’ write off, are ungrounded and they represent unacceptable attempt of intimidation which undermines credibility of one of the most important companies in the country and the whole Montenegrin system- Executive Director of EPCG, Enriko Malerba underlined.

Like it was said in the statement of Malerba delivered to CdM, Italian partner has had the responsibility of managing with Elektroprivreda for three years so far, in accordance with agreement signed by Montenegrin Government and Italian Company A2A.

“Since the moment I have been personally nominated for Executive Director of Company’s Management, it was completely autonomous with reference to any political interest of Montenegro (which has its representatives in Managing Board, but not in actual management) and any other political party according to the practice which is in Europe completely clear and grounded and which predicts separating of political and economy power. I think that it is completely clear to everyone that directing with Elektroprivreda was directed to industrial, not political activities”, he stressed.

Despite that, persons that have no experience and ability to analyze are manipulating with documents from EPCG balance and so accounting data that are strictly demanded with Montenegrin laws are being ranked and used with purpose of EPCG discrediting and attempt to involve in current policy discussion.

“Documents are clear and available to everyone, considering that balance is public: EPCG wrote off uncollectable purchases (in accordance with the law) in total amount of 123.637 EUR (not 13 millions as MANS states) with reference to billed 240 million EUR and 380.000 (not 4,3 million EUR). So charges represented by MANS are not only ungrounded but also express unacceptable attempt of frightening that undermines credibility of one of the most important companies in the country and whole Montenegrin system”, Malerba stressed.

He thinks that this action was directed by MANS for undermining the credibility of the whole Montenegrin system in the moment when state chooses to open toward Europe and it think of foreign investments as an urgent need for industrial and economical recovery of the country.

“I have already asked from MANS to confirm its charges with evidences and EPCG holds its right to take all legal activities against MANS for the purpose of protecting the EPCG’s image and interests”, Malerba concluded.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ CDM