North Macedonia: New wind projects investments from wpd

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German renewables developer wpd submitted documentation for a strategic investment in the construction of a wind farm on the stretch Kumanovo-Staro Nagoricane-Kriva Palanka, said North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Wind farm capacity will be 400 MW, and the investment is worth 500 million euros.

Previously, PM Zaev announced that the first strategic investor would invest 500 million euros in the construction of a 400 MW wind farm, in accordance with the Law on Strategic Investments, which should be adopted in the Assembly. He said that the final negotiations have already been completed and the Government will have no obligation to pay feed-in tariffs or premiums.

He said that the country expects some 3.15 billion euros to be invested in its energy sector by 2027, mainly in renewable energy sources.

North Macedonia’s sole operational wind farm is located in Bogdanci municipality. It has installed capacity of 36.8 MW and is operated by state-owned power utility ESM. The tender for the expansion of Bogdanci wind farm, which envisages the installation of additional four wind turbines with combined capacity of 13.2 MW, is currently ongoing.